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The NOPE, Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education, Task Force is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization that was formed in Palm Beach County, Florida in 2004. Comprised of community leaders and concerned families working diligently to save lives of those effected by substance abuse, the Hillsborough Chapter was established in 2011.

Powerful presentation and VERY necessary! The saddest part of this extraordinary service to others are the immeasurable losses that were suffered in order for this organization to exist. Gratitude and prayers go out to all.

— Regan Thompson Garcia, Attendee of 2016 St. Stephen’s Catholic School Presentation

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NOPE for Students

NOPE Hillsborough delivers high impact presentations to middle and high school students about the consequences of drug consumption. Our network of members presents purposefully blunt and emotional messages to our county’s 100+ schools. The school resource officer shares grim stories of making death notifications to distraught families and parents who’ve lost children to drug overdose.  The response from students and faculty members has been very positive. Many students have gone to seek guidance for themselves or for their friends after attending our presentations.

NOPE for Parents and Other Community Members

NOPE Hillsborough offers interactive presentations to parents and community members. These presentations inform participants about the reality our nation faces regarding substance abuse and overdose deaths. We make sure parents know that their children can be confronted about using drugs anywhere they go; such as school bus stops, in school cafeterias, on a trip to the movie theater with friends, or even on their computer. Our team goes over parenting tips, suggestions and strategies to combat these drug related issues. We pin point the signs of drug use and and the best ways to speak with your child regarding drugs. Parents may ask questions or request to speak privately with one of our members. These presentations can be given in community centers, schools, religious halls, and beyond.

annual candle light vigil

In memory of those lost to drug and alcohol related incidents and with hope for those suffering from the disease of addiction, NOPE Hillsborough holds an Annual Candle Light Vigil during every Red Ribbon Week. As intended when NOPE National Task Force created the nationwide event in 2007, the NOPE Vigil sheds light on the consequences our nation faces with the use of illegal and illicit drugs. We strive to reduce the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction so that those suffering may openly seek help.

Meet Some Of The Team

    BETH BUTLER Moderator
    ALINA RODRIGUEZ Founding Member/Chapter Coordinator
    LYNN KNOWLES Chapter President