Memorial Wall

Visit our Memorial Wall that honors those lives ended too soon due to a substance related death

Alexandra Maria Engel

July 23, 1998 - September 4,2018

Alexandra was a beautiful soul. She loved helping others, the homeless, veterans, friends and Family. Her heart was pure gold. She was kind, thoughtful and very soft spoken. She was a talented artist, writer and musician. She was attending the University of South Florida, earlier than most because she graduated from Plant High School a year early.

Alvin Mintz

08/08/66 - 09/04/23

My dear brother Alvin you are loved and missed.
You couldn’t fight your demons and we couldn’t fight them for you.
We always worried and that day came God took you home.
We will love you forever and never forget you.

Amy Bell

10/26/76 - 9/4/22

Your memory continues to live in all of those you encountered. Your ability to make everyone around you feel loved saved so many of us in our darkest times. God’s plan for you was much bigger than earth would allow. May your light continue to guide me through a life filled with kindness, integrity and perseverance. Keep shining bright. XO

Anthony Lengwin

April 22, 1973 - January 27, 2021

Anthony, we miss you as much today as the day you left. You were so smart, funny, kind, loyal, resourceful, good looking, creative and talented. Every day I look at my kids and think of how much they are missing out on having fun Uncle Nanny around to make them laugh and take them fishing. We pray you are resting in peace until we meet again.

Brandon Sun

11/25/1999 - 6/22/2016

My beautiful boy, I love you and miss you!

Brett DeLuccia

3/24/1986 - 3/13/2023

Our love was the greatest gift. And your death the greatest loss. You blessed others even when you were struggling yourself. Wisdom, humor, creativity and self determination defined you. May your journey into the formless and the galaxies beyond continue to bless others. You are my angel.

Charles W Mobley jr.

05/28/1993 - 03/15/2017

To our dearest Charles you are so missed and thought of every single day. Our lives were changed forever the day you left us. Our hearts still ache as though it was yesterday. Please continue to watch over us from above. All our love forever until we see each other again.

Cheryll Lynn Stracick

2/27/1982 - 7/12/2021

Cheryll was a beautiful young girl. She was thoughtful and loved her family. She had hope for the future and one day wanted children. Cheryll was taken too young, may her beautiful soul rest in peace.

Christopher Waldron

Christopher was a sweet, compassionate soul and loved all who came into his life. He was passionate about human rights, loved animals, playing his guitar and had an amazing sense of humor. His greatest wish was for people to understand those struggling with the disease of addiction and for there to be equality for all who need healthcare, regardless of income. As Christopher didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford a drug rehab program, he turned to the herbal drug Kratom to manage his addiction and died from acute Kratom Intoxication.

Danielle Carroll

09-13-1987 - 08-01-2018

You are loved by so many. Your laughter, your passion and your love will never be forgotten. I hope you know you were never a failure. You were a powerful inspiration to every person that ever met you. I still have all of your letters you wrote me, you were always better with words. Thank you for being you. -Jamie (mama bear)

David Lewis

David died Sept 28th 1984. That day changed us forever. Words can not express our pain, I watched my parents go through life with a hole in their hearts. To lose a son, a child… i can’t even imagine. I lost my only sibling that day, my heart is forever broken. We miss him everyday. Love you forever.. until we meet again.
Love Mom, Dad, and Kathi

Dawn Marie Brosnan

8/21/84 - 9/29/19

Dawn had the biggest heart, she was always there if somebody needed something. Dawn was born& went to school here in Hillsborough County. She loved going to Bucs,Rays& Lightning games.She loved her family,especially her little mini daughter.Dawn was the one who kept us all on our toes,we miss everything about her.

Deanna Brantley

02/23/1963 - 04/26/2021

Our Mother was so loving and caring, she would do anything for anybody but deep down she was hurting! We miss you everyday Mommy.
Love, Wendy, Danielle, Tina

Don Swezey

02/18/1972 - 08/26/2022

Don was a family man. He started winning the battles of addiction in hopes to repair his relationships with his loved ones. Unfortunately he lost the war. The aftermath only holds the best memories while as the trauma faded away. He fought hard for his family as his family fought hard for him. We hope you are at peace.

Drew Carathanasis

We love you forever and always, and miss you so much. 8/22/97-11/12/15

Edward Alexis Soto orozco

10/01/1996 - 11/27/2021

We will all cherish his spirit of kindness and humility. We will remember how he put others before himself. We will hold onto the lessons he taught us, such as “money will never buy happiness, time will.” We will remember his ever-present smile. We will live our lives knowing that his spirit will forever be honored in us and our remembrance.

Freddy Puglisi

11/13/1980 - 4/27/2021

Freddy is missed everyday. He was a kindhearted person. Freddy enjoyed skiing, being at the beach.
RIP Freddy till we meet again 💙💙💙

Garrett Safko

October 10, 1987 – November 7, 2018
You were loved and will never be forgotten by your family and friends. Rest In Peace.

Gregg Rossiter

11/03/1972 - 01/30/2021

An accidental dose of fentanyl killed a father, brother, and awesome person all around. He was full of life. It was not supposed to happen. He didn’t know he was doing fentanyl.

Jacob Mummert

3/7/90 - 1/29/20

Jacob had a great laugh, smile and wonderful sense of humor. God gave us the greatest blessing of being his parents. He was an adventure from the 1st and was always so skilled and confident. He loved being outdoors doing anything. Children and animals were drawn to him because of his gentle authentic soul. We miss him every moment of every day.

Jamie Lynne Church

January 3, 1988 – June 9, 2011

Your disease took you from us , but it will never be able to take the love that remains forever.

You will remain Our Sunshine until we are together again.

Love you
Mom, Darold, and Ryan

Jett Yoho

July 9, 1996 - April 10, 2021

Jett was a loving son, brother and dad. He was taken from us way too soon. Forever young, we love you son, Mom and Dad.

John Michael Payton

08/09/1966 - 05/18/2018

John was always willing to lend an ear to any hurting soul even when he was probably hurting more than any of those he helped. He’s now at peace.

A beautiful soul that filled the world with love and struggled with but lost the fight to survive. Rest in peace.

Love you rascal.

John Rumsey

12/23/1981 - 05/07/2021

Forever in our hearts and loved so much by your family and daughter.

Jonathan Leonardo

10/01/1991 - 09/07/2018

Jonathan- We know that no matter what- You will always be with us. Your spirit lives within us. Words can’t express how thankful we are to have had you in our lives. You are the best uncle, brother and son. We miss you so very much and hope that you continue to watch over us. Until we meet again our dear “Tio” with love in our hearts_Yours Truly

Joshua Smith

12/10/1990 - 5/10/2021

Josh, I miss you every day, Thank you for all the great memories I keep close in my heart until I can see you again. “I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be” Mom

Kevin Crimi

May 25, 1985 – December 11, 2004
To our dearest Kevin you are so missed and thought of every single day. Our lives were changed forever the day you left us. Our hearts still ache as though it was yesterday. Please continue to watch over us from above. All our love forever until we see each other again. ❤️
Dad, Mom, Jason, Jamie

Kevin Rhoda

05/11/1995 - 04/03/22

Kevin was kind, funny, had a big heart and was a great son, brother and friend. When Kevin passed our hearts were broken. Unfortunately, Kevin struggled with a disease called addiction and because of the shame and judgement that goes with it his pride would not allow him to ask out for help. We love and miss you dearly. Dad, Mom and Matthew.

Kristan Whittle

8/03/87 - 3/11/18

Kristan was an angel on this earth. Her goofy sense of humor, her easy laugh, her empathy for all creatures, her magic with words, the incredible way she loved so completely even the broken, lost and abandoned, her intelligence and curiosity that spurred so many deep conversations and the extraordinary way she made others feel are forever gone.

Luke Alexander Haniford

9/10/87 – 11/19/16

Continuing your mission-Soar with the eagles, Love, Mom, Harry, and Nick.

Mary Katherine White

07/12/1989 - 01/27/2022

Fun, amazing, kind, beautiful, artistic, smart, loving and desperately missed.

Michael Scott Valdes

November 28, 1983-January 19, 2008

Michael Valdes was born in Tampa, Florida, where he spent all of his 24 years. Michael graduated from Wharton High School in 2002 and attended the University of South Florida. This loving soul is greatly missed by many family members and friends who remember him for his infectious laugh and love of others.

Nicholas Haniford

4/5/93 - 1/3/23

Dear Nick: Thank you for all the signs you have sent me since departing this world. I take comfort in knowing you are now at peace and are surrounded by the love of Harry, Luke, and many other loved ones. Miss you immensely. Love, Mom

Nicholas Malamatos

January 26, 1992 - March 4, 2019

It is hard to believe that over two years have gone by without you. We think about you every day and miss you immensely. Your sense of humor is so endearing and your love is deep. Although we cannot see you physically, we know your spirit and soul is alive and you are not suffering in any way. We will be joined with you one day in the future.

Nick Price

August 28, 1991 - April 19, 2020

Nick was an outgoing son, brother, nephew, and friend to all. He loved playing his guitar, going to concerts, and watching the Tampa Bay Lightning play. Nick was an extremely genuine person and never liked to see anyone struggle. He was a caring soul that would always be there to support and listen to someone in need of a friend. Nick is missed dearly by his family and friends.

Nicky Brian Plump

5/1/1988 - 9/24/2018

My son Nicky is a beautiful person. A smile that would light up any room he would walk into. Nicky would always go out of his way to help anyone. Nicky loved his family very much. Holidays were his favorite when everyone was together. Nick is missed and loved by many. I love you son and say your name every day.

Nicole Osterrout

1/9/1978 - 1/1/2021

We never thought this would be us… until it was us.
We never thought this would be her… until it was her.
Nicole was generous, bright, educated, funny, with a contagious laugh and smile.
She leaves a legacy of kindness, compassion and love.
She is missed and loved by all.
Love you so much Mom and Dad

One Big Brother, to all that he knew

05/06/1981 - 05/10/2021

John there r days i still can’t believe the senselessness in ur death, cause 1 thing i have always known and been assured since ur passing,that u were a big brother to all u came in contact with, and to think someone u considered a friend left u to die that day while u we’re OD’ing, has been the hardest for this little sister here i love u till en

Peter Sebastion Cimino

To the most amazing guy anyone could of ever asked for . Peter was a true blessing sent from heaven, his smile would light up the room from miles and miles apart. his personality was one of a kind, everyone who knew him loved him and adored him for it. he was one of a kind and everyone will love him and miss him every single day.

Ronnie Scrimo


6/28/84 – 12/10/14

Ronnie was a funny, highly intelligent and had a heart of gold. Ronnie was an amazing athlete and runner and such a kind soul. I can never remember Ronnie saying an unkind word about anyone, ever. He always found the good in everyone. He had so much potential but died way too young. Ronnie you are still with us, just not physically anymore. We love and miss you more than words can say. I know without a doubt that we will reunite someday again. Until then, you are in my heart and not a day goes by without thinking and missing you. xoxo

Ross Eric Zimmerman

Ross, Thank you for all the signs and visitation dreams to let us know that you are happy and free. We miss your physical presence, but feel you with us every day. We love you dearly Ross. Love you always, Mom, Dad, and Jake

Ryan McElvain

12/10/1980 - 01/13/2019

My beautiful boy was killed by pure Fentanyl. His Dad and I had no idea he was using so finding him deceased in his bedroom was an unbelievable shock. Ryan was handsome, funny, smart, kind, and a wonderful friend and loving son. I cannot wait to be reunited with him in Heaven. #Forever38

Ryan Stevenson Cooper

January 15, 1999 - September 3, 2021

Ryan was a sensitive soul with a kind & caring heart. He had a genuine love for nature & animals. Ryan had accepted Jesus as his personal savior and is now in heaven watching over us. I am blessed to have had Ryan as my brother for 22 years and to now have him as my guardian angel. I love you with all my heart Ryan. Love, Shelby, Chad, Mom & Dad

Scott Sehres

A beautiful soul who lit up the world with your presence. You are a gift to all who know you. Always in our hearts. We love you and miss you every day. Love, Mom and Dad

Shane Romero

11/23/1976 - 11/27/2018

In honor of Shane Romero, loving son of Wendy and brother of Ricco and Maxwell, father of Amelia. Always in our hearts!

Shawn Oldfield

5/6/1990 - 1/27/2022

Shawn had a tough time coming into this world and when he left this world. But for 31 years we got to know this wonderful person. He was a great friend, a loving son, and an awesome brother. He had an empathetic heart and a caring soul. The world lost a bright light when he died. But in his death he saved 3 lives by donating his organs. We love you

Sondra Marie Bowling-Thatcher 8/16/1981 – 7/18-2016

Tammys daughterSondra, our beautiful red-head who sang like an angel.You left us too soon. Our hearts ache with missing you. You are of child of God and your compassion and love you left behind will live on.

Spencer Foster

Tampa, Florida     May 18, 1993 – June 26, 2007

Spencer, you could light up a room with your dimples and even now I can still hear your goofy laugh. Your brother has grown up missing you every day. And you now have a nephew, Isaiah Spencer, who will know you only in memories and photos. You are not forgotten, we miss you so very much.

Steven Silver

12/15/83 - 11/5/10

The day you left my whole world collapsed. You have changed my life in so many positive ways and i hope that you have been looking down from heaven to see just how much good you have done. There is not a day that goes by that mom and i don’t miss you or don’t think about you. I can’t wait til the day i get to see you again. We love you bro!

Sueann Coker

11/26/1982 - 02/04/2018

Dear sister, not a day goes by that we don’t miss your beautiful presence. If only we had one more day. You are forever in our hearts. We love you and miss you so much. Until we meet again.

Tara Pickett

08/08/1978 - 08/07/2022

It has been a full year. My heart still hurts. I got to spend sometime with your daughter a few months ago. She is amazing. She is so young to have lost both of her parents!

Tawny Johnson

12/9/1977 - 4/27/2008

Tawny had a heart of gold. Friends and family say she was goofy and always had a smile. We all miss her sense of humor and gregarious personality. You are missed and loved, Mom

Tiffany Marie Knisley

07/26/1989 - 07/31/2021

You were a Beautiful, Loving, Kind Hearted daughter, sister and girlfriend. Our hearts are broken and we miss you dearly. You are a Beautiful Angel now. Thank you so much for the wonderful years and Amazing memories you gave us. Until we meet again our precious baby girl. We Love You So Much.
Andy, Mom, Tiara, Justin and Anthony

Timmy Smith

2-1-94 - 12-15-16

Always loved. Always missed.

Toni Marie My Angel

12/18/1990 - 2/2/2018

May God give you the peace you’ve been seeking for so long. My beautiful Forever 27-year-old Toni Marie.

Tressa Thompson

05/06/1981 - 05/04/2020

I miss you mom, I wish you could have gotten clean to be with me while I grow up! Grandma & I love and miss you!

Trevor Baizan

September 24 1993 - March 30 2019

Trevor was a compassionate, intelligent young man with a bright future. His physical presence is missed every day, but Trevor has shown us that Love is Eternal. We are grateful for every moment spent with him in this lifetime and know that one day we will be reunited. Trevorforever❤️

Valentin Munoz💜

As the months go by, I’ve learned a mother’s love never diminishes; in fact, my love for my Valentin has grown, just as it would have if he was still alive. I am still your mother. You did not die without a legacy and a purpose for those that you left behind. It’s up to me, and your brother. We honor you by healing. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Sadly missed along life’s way,
Quietly remembered every day…
No longer in our life to share,
but in our hearts, you’re always there. Te Amamos Por Siempre