Sounds Like an Accurate Portrayal of Teen Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Overdose

So often lately the media gets blasted for covering one topic too much, for not covering another topic enough, for leaving out a certain fact here, or fact-checking something improperly there. I am REALLY glad I am not in present-day journalism for a career! With that being said, there is a journalist named Jessica Gold that provides great insight into the MTV docuseries called 16 and Recovering. I am not going to steal Jessica’s thunder with my own input (because after

International Overdose Awareness Day

We are living in unprecedented times. The COVID health crisis has changed the way in which we live each day. For those struggling with the disease of addiction, the feelings of isolation and depression can be overwhelming. It’s time for all of us to reach out to those we know that struggle and let them know that they are NOT alone. Pick up the phone and call that person who is in recovery. Relapse, as we all know, is a common

Happiness in the Midst of the COVID Health Crisis

Looking for a bit of happiness during these very challenging times?   Ready for a bit of really good news?   Our NOPE of Hillsborough Chapter surprised TEN Hillsborough County senior students with a $1,000 scholarship each last month. We received more than 65 applications this year for our NOPE of Hillsborough scholarships. A record-breaking number of submissions!   Because we had so many quality applications and essays we teamed up with Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance and The Michael Valdes Foundation

Please Remember Your Loved Ones Struggling with Substance Use Disorder During the COVID Health Crisis

Almost every person in our nation knows someone that is struggling with substance use disorder. If not directly, then indirectly. Your neighbor’s child, a co-worker’s relative, your former college roommate’s sister, and on and on and on. During this unprecedented time of the COVID health crisis, there has been a surge in fatal opioid overdoses. Isolation is leading to relapse for many that struggle with substance use disorder, aka the disease of addiction. Please be the person that takes the time

Experience a NOPE Student Presentation from Your Home

As our Hillsborough County School District canceled all classes on campuses across our county through April 30, 2020, and Governor DeSantis put into place yesterday a stay-at-home order for our entire state, we feel it is imperative that we move quickly and efficiently to provide our NOPE presentation content to all that have access to web-based platforms.   We reached more than 120,000 middle and high school students thus far with the important messages and stories shared during our 50-minute student

We are thankful for so much awareness of the vaping crisis, the 911 Good Samaritan Law, and More

This year has been exceptional for our NOPE of Hillsborough Chapter. We have already reached more than 8,000 students with our stories and messages this school year. We are thankful for our partnership with Tampa Police Department, Hillsborough County Sherriff Office, and the Hillsborough County School District as we empower and educate our community on ways to help fight this epidemic of youth substance abuse, addiction, and substance-related deaths. Do you realize that more than 2,500 teens try prescription pills for

This Vaping Crisis Has Got to Slow Down!

I remember last school year in Hillsborough County Schools we were being asked as a NOPE Chapter to address the vaping “thing” during our student presentations. It was a casual mention, almost an afterthought once weed and alcohol were mentioned as issues on campuses across the district. This year things have changed so much. We are now being asked before we even arrive to make certain to mention vaping, to address the real health concerns, and to not tip-toe around the

Editing Scripts and Adding in a New Video from Blake High School TV Production Team

It has been a busy summer even though we only had a couple of NOPE presentations. Typically when the students are off for the summer it is our time as NOPE of Hillsborough to regroup and strategize for the new school year.   We did JUST THAT! Thanks to Howard W. Blake High School in Tampa and their TV Production team we now are sporting a new and very relevant middle school video that is shown during the front end of

A Fantastic Giving Campaign for a Non-Profit like NOPE

It’s not often that you get an email in your INBOX offering you a very exciting opportunity to be awarded extra funds as a non-profit. But that is what happened about mid-summer from The Myers Home Team associated with Keller Williams Realty. Here is how cool this has been: There is a home for sale in Tampa (specifically the Town n Country area of Tampa) that is listed by this realty company. Each year for four years now they are taking

How Has Vaping Gotten So Out of Control?

I am puzzled. I am concerned. I am disappointed. I am frightened.   All of the above surround my feelings when talking about vaping; particularly when talking about the younger population vaping.   Parents need to stay up to date on this topic. Many parents I speak with have NO CLUE how very dangerous this vaping can be to their children’s developing lungs.   PLEASE¬† – share this article with those in your circle of family, friends, and influencers. We need