We heard about Daniel when one of our NOPE of Hillsborough family speakers heard his story through CW50 Detroit News Station. The story they featured Daniel in can be found here.

Fast forward more than one year later and Daniel is soon to graduate from high school in spite of the monumental adversities he has faced since being hospitalized after vaping damaged both his lungs. We encourage you to visit the website for the non-profit that Daniel has set up to help him share his story in order to encourage other teens to NOT begin vaping or to STOP their current vaping habit because it’s just not worth it. While you are there, maybe you will be moved to donate to his efforts as we have. In case you missed the link, here it is.

We are pleased to say that here at NOPE of Hillsborough we are helping Daniel share his story and his life-saving messages with a Facebook LIVE! event Tuesday, May 4th, starting at 6:30 pm EST and lasting for 20 minutes. Find the event link here so you can let others know you are going and you can invite them to join in as well. We will see you on our Facebook LIVE! event next week.