Our NOPE of Hillsborough Chapter are in our 11th year of student presentations.  We have reached nearly 140,000 middle and high school students with important information and moving stories of local students who have lost their lives to the disease of addiction, an accidental overdose death, or a substance related death. Each time we present to students we share a short video meant to speak to that specific age group.
The middle school video currently shared with teens has become outdated in many aspects: the outdated video game played by the teens in the start of the video and the verbal response given by one friend to another when threatened by being told on by the friend. We have listened to students groan in total disagreement that they would ever say the things said in this video produced more than 8 years ago.
Thankfully we have many great magnet schools here in Hillsborough County. We recently enlisted the assistance of the award-winning TV production students of Howard W. Blake High School to revise and update our middle school  video for NOPE of Hillsborough.
Check this video clip out that ran from local TV Station ABC Action News as we say thank you to all students involved.