It was truly our pleasure to have you on our campus to share your intimate and private stories of your loved ones.  I saw a visible difference in how the students were behaving before and after your presenation in which your words seemed to have a profound impact.  If you were hoping to reach “just one” as the saying goes, I had a student who turned in her friend (a hero in your words) that is beginning to use prescription meds from her home in order to cope with difficult situations.  After calling the student down and reviewing all of her self-destructive behavior (there is core issue that requires treatment) it was warranted to have her parents come to our campus.  After approximately 4-5 hours with this student she was able to confide in her parents what many cannot.  They left with resources and the honesty of their daughters’ usage.  She told to her parents that she cried through the presentation and that her friend saw her.  She also stated that through the whole program she realized this could have easily been her. She truly is a beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious child (like many you have known).


I also talked with several other students that day who have concerns for themselves or others, as well as other teachers and administrators reporting talking to students about your presentation.  I just wanted your organization to get feedback on actual events that occurred b/c you all have the courage to share your story, and realize it is your ultimate goal to spare other families from the pain you have endured.  I know you take time out of your busy lives, work, and families to dedicate to others and it is not in vain.  Thanks again and I hope you will continue your journey of service to our communities and we will meet again here at our High School.