I wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank you and your NOPE team members for coming to B.P.A. and presenting one of the most powerful anti-drug presentations I’ve ever witnessed.  I wish that every single middle school student and teacher would have the opportunity to watch and hear your program’s message.  You related so well to the students and captivated their attention for the entire period.  Doing that with 500+ middle school boys is almost unheard of!  Our boys and teachers are STILL talking about the NOPE message and how drugs have personally impacted them and their families!  It has opened the door for us to have a deeper dialogue with our students and for that I am most grateful!  Wishing you and your team a very successful New Year as you continue to present your message and save the lives of potential drug addicted students who will resist the pressure to take drugs because of their time with NOPE!  God bless!