Remember sometimes when you just know you are not reaching your target audience during a presentation?

Do you ever have a teen roll his or her eyes at you as if saying, “Are you serious?!?!”


This is how we have felt for more than 4 years about our NOPE Middle School video when it is shared during our 50 minute NOPE middle school presentation. The students audibly snicker & they say to one another, “Oh man, no way.”

Thankfully, one of our family speakers knows a student involved with local magnet school Howard W. Blake’s TV and Film Production team, and that got the ball rolling very quickly to get a new and more believable version of the same message shot here in Tampa, edited, and almost ready to roll out to schools and possibly to our local WEDU station for PSA use (that is Public Service Announcement).


We thanked the students involved just yesterday with a wonderful luncheon hosted by Managing Partner, Andres Farfan, of Besito Restaurant of Tampa and his team. Local news anchor, James Tully, from ABC Action news and cameraman Jason, joined us to cover the event while Blake Principal Jesse Salters and TV Production educator Joe Papadapolous were on hand as well as some of the Board of Directors of NOPE of Hillsborough.