Have you ever shopped on Amazon.com?

Have you ever wanted to help out our NOPE of Hillsborough Chapter but just don’t have enough hours in the day to volunteer with us?

This coming week – starting Monday, July 15th – you can help us help others dealing with substance use disorder in their life. You help us from your home computer, lap top, phone, iPad, and any other mobile device.

Simply shop at smile.amazon.com and select our NOPE of Hillsborough chapter as the recipient of what Amazon Smile will donate to us. It is literally that simple to make a difference in this fight against addiction and overdose deaths.

Thank you for taking the time to switch your Amazon purchase url (that is fancy for the web address that shows up in the white space) to include smile.amazon.com and make sure to find our exact chapter name of NOPE of Hillsborough, Inc. so that we get the donations made by Amazon Smile.